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Panzer Assault Badge in Silver, Help Confirming Maker BH Mayer

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Hello again fellows,
I've been picking up a few items recently and finally had some time to post some things on the site again. Here I have what I have deduced to be an unmarked B.H. Mayer stamped PAB in silver. I was doing some amateur identification and from what I could tell this is an original Mayer PAB with some period? repairs to the pin assembly, as well as a bent catch. A well worn mid to late war zinc example I would say. If anyone else can confirm the maker or correct me if I'm off that would be excellent.
Here's the pics,
Cheers, Pat

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Another couple shots for details.


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Here is a nice shot of the eagle, typical BH Mayer I believe. A side shot as well.


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Right on, I am getting better at ID'ing the makers. When I first started on the site back in 2006 I had so many fakes in my early collection that I learned a harsh lesson in looking at the details, not the dealer's story. It's thanks to this site and all the great help that I am now learning more and more about different designs and makers etc. in this exciting and sometimes heartbreaking hobby.

About the zinc pest, how much vasoline should I add? Maybe apply a small amount to a cotton swab and apply that way?

Thanks again,


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