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I hope someone can help. I am looking for award dates for the WMV to the following:

Alexander I Tsar of Russia

Nicholas Nicholaivitch Grand Duke of Russia

Alexander Prince of Wurttemburg

Eugen Prince of Wurttemburg

Paskevitch, Ivan

Radetzky, Josef Johann

Volkonsky (Wolkonsky), Petr

Shuvalov, Pavel

von Toll, Karl Wilhelm

Thans in advance.


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Here are some more, maybe they're in Priesdorff:

GFM Blucher

GFM von Moltke

Friedrich Karl of Prussia

Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia (FIII)

von Podbielski

von Hartmann, Ernst

von Stupnagel, Wolf

Roon, Albrecht

Kirchbach, Hugo

von Werder, August

von Kamecke, Georg

von Blumenthal, Leonhard

von Wurttemburg, August

von Alvensleben, Gustav

von Goeben, August

Karl Prince of Prussia ( WI's brother)

Albert KP of Saxony (Albert I)

Georg, Prince of Saxony ( Georg I)

von Fabrice, Georg

Thanks in advance.


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