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French Military Attaches to Poland/Warsaw 1934-7

Ian Sayer

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These officers had terrible hand writing!! :angry:

The 1st on the left is a "Capitaine de frégate (commander)", his name is either Augier or Augur, I searched what records I could get my hands on but couldn't find him...

The other 2 drove nearly drove me mad... Go figure...

I searched far and wide for the embassy staff in 1937, I found just about everybody down to the cleaning woman but nothing on these 3 gents. Sorry... :unsure:

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Hi Frank

Well thanks very much for trying. I really appreciate it. The second one looks a bit like Papillon but the third one!! The third one seems to have been a Captain (in the army?) and Assistant Military Attache to Warsaw in 1934. The second one looks like a Naval officer and he may have been the Military Attache in 1934. The first one -Captain of Frigate seems to have been the French Naval Attache to Poland and/or Warsaw in 1937 so perhaps the larger countries like France had army, navy and air force military attaches.



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That's correct, most countries had an attaché for each service. I searched real deep for an officer named "Papillon", no joy...

I did however find document ID codes to the French naval archives that contain messages from the capitaine de frégate but have no idea who to contact to have a looksee.

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