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    Navy Dagger of Oberingenieur Werner Bormann

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    Here is an interesting German Navy dagger with much history.

    Werner Bormann was born 19.7.1887

    Appointments during the Great War:

    From beginning of service to 3.1915 LI Wacht Ingenieur cruiser SMS Kaiser Barbarossa

    March to June 1915 U Boot Schule

    July to August 1915 at disposal of 2 Halb Flotille UBoote

    9. 1915- SMU 28 Wacht Ingenieur

    26.4.1917 Oberingenieur SMU 86

    9.1918 to the end he was at the disposal of the Flottilla


    Kplt Ingenieur on 1.7.1921

    KKpt Ingenieur 1.1 1928

    Third Reich


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    The dagger is so interesting as it shows the different periods of naval service by actual modifications to the dagger itself. It started off as a standard cadet dagger with center ridge and Bormann named as was done by many cadets. The blade was later shortened to officer length. Amazingly Borman had the geometry of the cadet blade changed and added fullers as short officer blades of the period. Later the handle was switched to celluloid and the Third Reich Pommel added during that period. This dagger was vet purchased by the late Herman Maurer of New York in the 1960's and remained in his possession until his estate was settled, when it came to reside with me.

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    The Voyages of SMU 86 are famous in both British and German History. After receiving the dagger I got copies of the War Diary of SMU86 and read about all of its voyages. I charted all of the sinkings made by the U-Boot as well as the attacks launched against the U-Boot. Only the final voyage is actually marked but all sinkings are shown.

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    I can't seem to get the "size matters" thing figured out--the pics I need large like the sinkings list I have to reduce and others fly right through. Anyway enjoy. It is interesting when you look at all of the Kriegstagbuch of this and other Kaiserlich U-Boots and see the actual maps of their daily positions and that they spent 95 percent of the time on the surface. Most of the sinkings were done with the deck cannon. Diving was done generally to escape.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Oddly enough for a common German name, only TWO "Bormann" officers ever show up-- and the other was a Crew 1924 type who never had an Applikantendolch.

    Werner Bormann joined the Imperial navy 1 October 1907.

    Marine-Ingenieur-Aspirant 28.9.11

    Marine-Ingenieur after May 1914 (still a candidate then)

    Marine-Oberingenieur 26 April 1917 D

    Kapit?nleutnant (Ing) 1 July 1921 #3

    Korvettenkapit?n (Ing) 1 January 1928 #3

    still on active duty in 1931, yet at some point (1932 when he reached 25 years?) he apparently left the navy, since his further ranks were as a retread Erg?nzungsoffizier (E)

    Fregattenkapit?n (Ing-E) 1 October 1932. The only officer with that seniority so no seniority suffix.

    Still in that rank 1937, but before 1 January 1939 (1939's annual Birthdays Book)

    Kapit?n zur See (Ing-E)

    he did not make Admiral and was not in the 1944 Seniority List.

    1926 transferred from Naval Dockyard Wilhelmshaven to the "Schlesien."

    1931 Member of the Erprobungsausschuss f?r Schiffe

    1936 on staff of the OKM in Milit?rische Abteilung f?r Schiffsmaschinebetrieb (Ing)

    1938 Verband der Ingenieuroffiziere der Marine shows his home address as Beerenstrasse 29, Berlin-Zehlendorf-West. He does not there have the "*" of a married officer, but in the 1.1.39 annual Birthdays Book, address as Park Hotel, Breslau, he shows wife Werra, born 6 March 1XXX.

    He does not appear in the postwar Naval Officers Association directories, nor does his wife/widow.

    His WW1 awards were EK1 and 2 and the 1918 Uboat Badge. In addition to his Hindenburg Cross for Combatants, he would have had the Wehrmacht 25 years long service worn with the 12 years medal.

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