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No, can't do yours because he was a Feldwebelleutnant from Bavaria. Need not only the BMV1X Roll, but because all Bavarian wartime awards were gazetted to peacetime unit affiliation, or if there was none to something like "of a reserve-bakery-company" then even WITH that, we still would have to know that the fellow WAS in Finland in his real unit.

It is almost (almost) never possible to do a non-officer--especially with only a pair of awards like this (BMV1X/Finnish Col4X--no Roll for THAT!).

WITH a name (if life were so easy....) then confirming his career would be easy.

To do this one, you would have to have

1) the BMV1X Roll

2) a paid subscription to Ancestry-dot-com to sit and go through their sloppily scanned images of every single BMV1X holder's Auszug aus der Kriegsrangliste to see if he was in Finland and got a FFK4X.

"Doable" with a superhuman amount of work, and considerable expense ONLY if we had a transcribed Roll of the Bavarian cross done.

This is a perfect case of waiting-for-data STILL requiring months of time to get to a result.

That's why Research Gnomes could never charge by-the-hour. Far too many hours/day/weeks are "wasted" eliminating suspects until (hoefully and never guaranteed) only one is left.

"Instant" answers make us laugh... it takes soooooooooooooooooooo lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng to get there!

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