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Dear Research Gnomes,

I opened my treasure box for another medal bar...although it might be again to difficult to identify, I can only sleep well unless the truth pops out whether it can be identified or not.



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What at first seems hopeless here--a non-career mid-NCO rank Saxon--hmmmm. What do I see but the SILVER Saxe-Weimar General Decoration with Swords (one of the stupidest designs Germany ever created).

And who do I know who transcribed the 3,887 Saxe-Weimar Silver General Decorations With Swords back in 2008? Why, that would be me. :catjava:

That volume is still available BTW, from Daniel Krause or Michael Autengruber in Europe. I'm told we're making "rare out o print" sales on Amazon when Daniel and I are still alive! :shame:

But it is not as bad as 3,887. Because "only"....

226 went to Saxons.

Unfortunately--you guessed it--

158 of them were in the K.S. Karabinier Regiment. :banger:

Some dozens of them, I'm sure, could be eliminated with the REALLY out of print Rolls for the St. Henry Medals, and Saxon General Decoration Cross X. Then there must be a WW1 regimental history for the Regiment--if that listed deaths, lots more could be removed as not alive in 1935.

This is what we Research Gnomes call a Long Term And Hope For The Best project.

The BEST would be if somebody volunteered to be our very first Finnish Research Gnome. Where all the nice 1918/1941-44 award cards are still filed away in archives gathering dust. Everybody would like to see nice lists of Germans with Finnish awards... :beer:

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