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Rittmeister (later Major) Johann Heinrich Reschke

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Johann Heinrich Reschke was born on 24.02.1881 in Sperlings Ostpreußen and served as a One Year Volunteer from 01.10.1900 till 30.09.1901 with 5./ Dragoner Regiment 1.

He was promoted to Leutnant d.R. on 22.11.1902, Oberleutnant d.R. on 19.12.1911 and Rittmeister d.R. on 24.12.1914.

Is it possible to answer the question with which units he served before the war (after his one year volunteer service) and during WWI? Also any other info would be highly regarded!!

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Here he is in the 1907 directory of Reserve and Landwehr officers, with his 'day job" as Kgl. Domänenpächter of Dom Schnittken bei Sensburg.

He remained in that job up to the 1913 edition K.P. Hof- und Staats-handbuch--then he disappears!

1913/14 was a very cluttered year fror him-- he;d gone into der Landwehr I-Kavaallerie status in Danzig, but in 1913 moved to LWB Belgard and... back to der Reserve status with Dragoner Regiment 1!

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Thanks for the very quick reply!!! It´s amazing what´s researchable today!! Rittmeister Reschke got his LD2 in march 1913 and an EK2 on 13.11.1914. He fought at Tannenberg and other major battles on the eastern front until the end of 1915. Then some rear area service (no specific information) and was released from military service in march 1919. From 1940 to 1942 he served with different POW camps.

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