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  1. I got this nice 5 place medal bar to a south african, who served in africa and Italy. I know, that the records are not available online but is anyone able to give some basic information about the designation on the medals: 21723 N. P. Williamson ? According to my information, the numeral "8" was just worn on the ribbon bar and the clasp on the fullsized medal. In this case, there´s no clasp and just the number on the Africa Star, I guess not everyone strictly adhered to the rules!?
  2. Thankyou for the input! Is it possible to draw a comparison between this order and contemporary awards from other nations, like Germany, USA, UK etc? Was it conferred upon rank oder purely on the degree of bravery or merit?
  3. I was able to acquire this medal with box for little money, now I would like to know, if it´s a good one and during what period it was most probably awarded? Thanks in advance!!
  4. Anybody any further information regarding this soldier?
  5. This is my first british WWI medal group. The medals belonged to a Private G. M. Rawbone serving in the 12th South African Infantry (I presume). The Victory Medal has a multilingual inscription. Could a fellow member provide me with more information about his service? Thanks in advance!!
  6. Nikolaus Spanier served fromt 1914 - 1919 earning both Iron Crosses and the Baltenkreuz. He was a schoolteacher in civilian life. During WWII he served Feb. till May. 1942 at Stalag VI/C https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stalag_VI-C
  7. The issue of captured firearms of all kind to german soldiers durig WWII is a really interesting topic, in my opinion! This guy was a veteran of the Battle of Tannenberg and served as a CO or XO at Oflag 2C. Some more information: http://gmic.co.uk/topic/59526-rittmeister-later-major-johann-heinrich-reschke/?tab=comments#comment-557463
  8. I got this small french WWI group and tried to research it a bit, but was so far unable to find the right guy. I used these two websites: http://www.culture.fr/Genealogie/Grand-Memorial https://grandeguerre.icrc.org/ Would be glad if someone could help me out.
  9. What´s also interesting about these POW-Guards Wehrpässe or Soldbücher, in many cases these guys were trained on a lot of captured firearms. This guy guarding the Oflag VII-A in Murnau ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oflag_VII-A_Murnau ) was trained on the belgian version of the BAR!!
  10. Here´s a picture of a catholic priest being decorated during the the medal parade at PRT Kunduz in november 2008.
  11. Very interesting grouping! So far I´ve only seen clergymen with non-combatant Hindenburg Crosses!
  12. Nice set, I especially like the citation for the august 1975 forest fire commemorative medal! Did you also get bis Bundeswehr Wehrpass?
  13. Interesting Militärpaß, at first he served as a non-combatant with a construction unit from august 1915 till march 1916. He was then posted to a basic training unit and served with an infantry regiment on the eastern front afterwards. He was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class on 23.07.1918!
  14. The medal bar is impressive. especially with this background story!
  15. Hello! I think I saved the Pictures from the Internet, back then! I´ll check on the weekend an then could email you the pictures of the probably missing documents!
  16. Very nice lot, I´ve seen it before on the internet. There were, among other papers, promotion documents from his police service and a citation for the 1936 Olympics Rememberance Medal. Do you also have this files?
  17. In the first picture are the awards of one of my great-grandfathers. The 4 place medal bar with all the commemorative medals is just like the bar my other great-grandfather owned, the original unfortunately got lost.
  18. It could be a Reichsrevolver 83. As far as I know, the holster is for the Reichsrevolver 83, it´s the version with the small front pouch for 12 rounds extra ammunition.
  19. This is really a very beautiful and impresssive medal bar, especially with this great background story!!!
  20. Thanks for looking him up! I know it was a long shot, trying to find something about the guy.
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