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Imperial German military art work does not generally rate a mention within the collecting world, the price is one factor and understanding what is "good" art and who the artists are is another.....here are a few of my bits which I hope will garner some thoughts.....also love to see others;

The first is a very large picture by Artur Kampf "Garde de Korps"

After 1933, celebrated by virtue of his themes concerning German history and stylistic continuity, only sporadically interrupted by elements of art nouveau (graphic art) and Impressionism (Schulreiterin, 1907), he was, besides the Eagle Shield of the German Empire, vouchsafed in the so-called "List of Immortals; (1939). This guaranteed him immunity from interference in artistic work during the Second World War.

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The second is by Eduard Thöny (9 February 1866 - 26 July 1950) was a German caricaturist and illustrator known for his work for the journal Simplicissimus, to which he was invited to contribute by Albert Langen. Born in Brixen, he studied at the arts academy in Munich. His work for Simplicissimus included more than 2,500 pages of cartoons lampooning German society and the military.[2] Thöny’s drawings would appear in the journal until it ceased publication in 1944.[1]

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Thanks, the photo does not do it justice...here is another favourite of mine......cannot remember the artist.......

A large example.....................great!!!

I only have one, a pencil drawing. As soon as I acquire a new USB cable to upload from my camera, I'll post it.

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