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Incredible bravery of WWI tank crew who survived 72 hours being bombarded by both Germans and their own side

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Just came across this extremely interesting news article:

Trapped in their overturned tank, just metres from the German trenches, Captain Donald Richardson and his crew already faced an impossible situation. But, after three days of attack from their enemies, the brave men in charge of the Mark IV tank were plunged into even greater danger when their British allies started bombarding them as well, to destroy the tank before the Germans could get it. Astonishingly, though, all but one of the soldiers survived the impossible odds, armed with just pistols and a single rifle, managing to escape the death trap to become the First World War's most decorated tank crew.

'Captain Richardson and Second Lieutenant Hill led a charge of eight tanks and theirs was the only one that survived attack by German artillery. 'It is astonishing that they managed to survive the initial attack, let alone 72 hours of attacks from German troops, especially when you consider that they only had basic weapons to defend themselves.

'The tank crew became the most decorated of the whole First World War, and it would seem, rightly so.

The Fray Bentos crew was awarded two Military Crosses, two Distinguished Conduct Medals, and four Military Medals – the most awarded to one tank crew during any action of the war. Captain Richardson and Second Lieutenant George Hill were both awarded the Military Cross for their role in leading the defence of the tank and for bringing most of their crew back safely.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2445626/Incredible-bravery-WWI-tank-crew-survived-72-hours-bombarded-Germans-side.html#ixzz2gwdJHCxT


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Hi Mervyn,

From the story, it appears that Fray Bentos was the name of the tank. Just like soldiers to use such a name for a tank. Maybe the corn beef tin looked like a tank..

Yes, quite a story of bravery.


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