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Paul - I would say either the front part of a dress belt plate - with the hooked part going into one of the sides.

The alternative - to my mind - would be for a leather cross belt.. I'm not sure about the significance of the Crown

on it's own - however, it has the more rounded shape of a Georgian Crown - 1714 - 1830, and could , therefore,

date to the Napoleonic Wars. Perhaps for a 'staff' officer - although in those days more likely to be an aide.

Can anyone think of a unit that used only the Crown for Insignia ? Mervyn

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The crown all by itself is odd for a regimental badge. It looks from the photo to be copper rather than brass/bronze. is that the case, or a function of light plus tarnish? If copper, I'd think civilian not British Army but either way I'd tend to horse tack or some form of belting rather than an officer's cross belt, as the fastenings don't look right for a cross belt plate, which had hooks or stubs on the back to fix them in one spot on the belt. This would slide if it were worn on a shoulder belt and regimental waist belts are rare, I think, before the 1830s.

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Paul - if I am right and this is a Georgian Crown, then you could be looking at the Revolutionary period.

For horse harness it would be the Martingale that is in the centre of the chest and holds the harness

together - this is a possibility. However, my own feelings are more towards a uniform accessory.

I think your next line of enquiry must be with some of the Museums in the US, that deal with this early

period. Please let us know how you get-on. Mervyn

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I do think it is Georgian - brass that was originally gilt - you can see the remains. I still think for uniform,

but probably an o/r's. I am a little concerned that the Crown is not sitting 'square' in the mount - may have

had a repir at some time. Do follow-up with an enquiry to a museum. Mervyn

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