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WW I, explanation of term "Adrian hut" needed

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Hello readers.

I am just now reading once again " Some Desperate Glory, The World War I diary of a British Officer" by Edwin Campion Vaughn, M.C. He makes mention of a shelter he called Adrian hut. I am familiar with Nissen huts which were also used during WW II for troops and after as shelters for refugees.

Perhaps someone can offer an explanation.

Also this book is a very good read and highly recommended.

Bernhard H. Holst

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  1. Bunk house Troops’ sleeping quarters.
    1. Amiens hut Unpopular temporary structure of canvas on a frame used at British base camps, WWI.
    2. Armstrong hut (BrE) Small, collapsible British army hut made from canvas, WW I.
    3. Bivvy Sleeping quarters, WWI.
    4. Adrian hut French barrack hut, widening towards ground level to provide extra floor space, WWI.
    5. Elephant Semi-circular-sectioned hut made of curved corrugated iron, WWI.
    6. Quonset hut (AmE) Military hut in WWII developed in the US by George A. Fuller Construction company at the airbase at Quonset Point. They were used all over the world.
    7. Nissen hut (BrE) Semi-cylindrical form of hut, named after Lt.-Col. P. N. Nissen its designer, similar to the quonset hut, developed in Britain.
    8. Basha (BrE) Simple hut of bamboo poles and grass thatch, used as a barrack room, Southeast Asia.
    9. Tin town (BrE) Any collection of barrack huts made of corrugated iron.

Rather vague description of it

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