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Hello Everyone

A friend of mine gave me this post card today as they know of my interest in U-boats.It is post marked 1907 and was sent from South Africa.If anybody can help with info on it that would be great...

Best Regards Richard..

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Sold for Scrap October 1913 - I think it is 'HOLLAND CLASS No.2'

The Royal Navy in 1900 realised that it would require to have submarines due to the number of submarines in service and being built for the French and American navies. The Electric Boat company entered negations with the Royal Navy to build 8 Holland type submarines. It was agreed that these would be built under license by Vickers at barrow and work began in 1900. A total of 5 submarines were built.

Displacement: On surface 113 tons, submerged 122 tons, Speed. surface 7.5 knots submerged 6 knots. Range 500 nautical miles at 7 knots on the surface. Armament: one 18-inch bow torpedo tube and carried three torpedo's Crew: 8

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