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    Colonel Hercules Walker Myln, Rifle Brigade?

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    Dear All,

    I believe this image to show a Field Officer of the Rifle Brigade wearing the Crimea Medal with a single clasp, the Turkish Crimea Medal, and the breast badge of a Knight (5th Class) of the Turkish Mecidî Nişanı (Order of the Mejedie). Judging by the composition and the dates of operation of the photographer (William Savage, of Winchester), the original negative was taken in the early years of the 1860s. I think I can discern a black arm band on the subject's left arm, which might suggest that it was taken during the period of official mourning immediately following the death of Prince Albert in December, 1861.

    Going through Hart's Army List for 1860, I first created a shortlist of all those officers of the regiment over the rank of Lieutenant who had war services listed - forty-seven names. Deleting those who received other orders, decorations and/or medals prior to 1860; those who had more than one clasp to the Crimea medal; and those who did not receive the Mecidî Nişanı, I was able to reduce those forty-seven to three names. One of these, Fitzhardinge Kingscote, lost his right hand in the storming of the Redan, and portraits of him do not, in any case, resemble the subject of this image; another, Charles Vane Fitzroy, never achieved field rank, and retired as a Captain in 1870. The remaining name was that of Major Hercules Walker (later Col. Hercules Walker Myln). The only fly in the ointment of this identification is that he conducted a belated draft of men of the 2nd Rifle Brigade to India, and appears on a Supplementary Roll dated September, 1859, for the medal without clasp. He returned to England shortly thereafter, and married on 15th March, 1860, in Somerset. Could the issue of his Indian Mutiny Medal really have been delayed as long as December, 1861, or even later? Could the image be earlier, and he in mourning for someone else? Or is this another officer altogether? Comments, suggestions and assistance will be most gratefully received.

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    Mikehm - some clever research - and the evidence would seem to point to your having the right man. Does he appear

    on any lists for the India Mutiny medal ? The photo is of a good quality and shows well the style of running the medals

    up the side of the uniform. Certainly he looks a lot cleaner then some photos from this period.

    Perhaps some of our research members will be able to help you with more detail. Mervyn

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