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    Hi Guys - Years ago, Rick L. helped me with some information about this engraved EK1 to a with Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment 13. He determined that it (probably) belonged to Maximilian Uebel (Übel) of Mindelheim, Bavaria. Born around 1874, he was a Leutnant in Landwehr II by 1913 and made Oberleutnant dLII around the start of the war. He probably made Hauptmann dLII by about 1916.

    I'm curious if any more information is available out there (like his service record), similar to what Chris B. helped with in this thread...


    I'm pretty sure Bayer RIR 13 was heavily involved in the fighting at Verdun in the early part of 1916, so I wonder if this EK could possibly be from that period.


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    Hello Brian,

    I could found him at ancestry.

    He was born 23 August 1874 Gräfenberg/Forchheim Mittelfranken. Mindelheim is another region (Allgäu)

    You are right, he fougt in Verdun, later in the east Romain.

    He was awarded with

    Prinz-Regent-Luitpold-Medaillie 1911

    Landwehr-Dienstauszeichnung 2. Klasse ( service award)

    EK II ( 9.10.1914)

    EK I (3.1.1917)

    bavarian MVO 4. class with swords (1916)

    austrian Kriegsverdienstkreuz 3. class with Kriegsdekoration

    regards Andreas

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    Andreas - Thanks so much for this!! I have an Ancestry subscription but currently only have access to the US records. A couple questions...

    Is a the image from Ancestry a bit larger than this? Is the attached image reduced a bit as a result of being posted on the forum?

    Are the records on Ancestry limited to Bavarian records or are other their records from other Kingdoms, Duchies, etc.?

    I really appreciate this info - it will go a long way to making this EK that much more special. There is not much better than attributable Iron Cross!

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    my german account works only for the german dates. If I want get american dates I have to pay for a special update.

    I've download the site in its biggest size, but it isn't possible to show it in this size on this posting

    regards Andreas

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    here is the german suskribtion of the fighting List.

    Sorry but I can't translate it into english

    Frankreich 1914 (France)

    7.9. - 11.9.1914 Schlacht von Nancy-Epinal (Luneville)

    2.10. - 4.10.1914 Schlacht bei Arras

    31.3. - 18.5.1916 Schlacht bei Verdun

    31.3. - 18.4.1916 Schlacht im Wald von Avoncourt (Verdun)

    Im Osten 1916 (Easternfront)

    Kämpfe am Styr und Stochod

    16.7. - 27.7.1916 Kämpfe am oberen Styr und Stochod

    28.7. - 10.10.1916 Schlacht von Kowel

    Im Feldzug gegen Rumänien 1916/1917 (Romania)

    Gebirgskämpfe am "Roten-Turm-Pass"

    25.11. - 30.11.1916 Verfolgungskämpfe bei Curtea de Arges - Pitesty

    1.12. - 3.12.1916 Schlacht am Arges

    4.12. - 8.12.1916 Verfolgungskämpfe nach der Schlacht am Arges

    9.12.1916 - 6.1.1917 Verfolgungskämpfe in der Ostwalachei

    Frankreich 1917

    20.4.1917 - 25.4.1917 Stellungskämpfe im Oberelsaß

    5.5. - 27.5.1917 Doppelschlacht an der Aisne und in der Champagne

    9.7. - 13.9.1917 Stellungskämpfe am Chemin des Dames

    11.10. - 15.11.1917 Schlacht in Flandern

    25.11.1917 - 8.1.1918 Kämpfe in den Maashöhen - Spada

    - 13.1.1918 Stellungskämpfe auf den Maashöhen Lamasville ??? / Spada / St. Mihiel

    11.2. - 24.3.1918 Stellungskämpfe vor Verdun

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    Andreas - This is a HUGE help! No need to translate the battles/actions - just having them typed out is quite helpful.

    Übel saw a lot of action throughout the war. It is interesting to see that he was an early EK2 winner and the fighting in Romania, where the EK1 was likely earned, is intriguing. My knowledge of the First World War is quite limited, and my specific knowledge of the fighting on the Eastern Front is next to known. This will be a great catalyst for a study of the fighting in Romania over the winter of 1916/1917.

    If there is anything you ever need from the Ancestry US database, please do not hesitate to ask.


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