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    Group-Gouverneur Général Hubert Auguste Garbit


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    I have been meaning to post this group (or well part of this group) :) in hopes of finding more information on the recipient. The group contains some orders of Gouverneur Général (Governor General) Hubert Auguste Garbit, hopefully one day I'll be able to re-unite more pieces of his group. I feel fortunate to own these pieces and was happy to see them join the collection :) G.G. Garbit was the Governor of La Réunion and later served many terms as Madagascar's Governor General :) while holding his army posting (Colonel) during the years :)

    Hubert Auguste Garbit was the Governor of La Réunion from August 30 1912 to 23 November 1913

    He served as Acting Gouverneur Général of Madagascar from:

    13 December 1909 to 16 January 1910

    5 August 1914 to 13 October 1914

    He served as Gouverneur Général of Madagascar from:

    13 October 1914 to 24 July 1917

    22 June 1920 to 13 March 1923

    Publishing a book after the war, which highlighted Madagascar's contribution in WW1.

    On top of his posting, he was a Colonel in the Artillery and spent a good career there.

    I've found some information on his Légion dhonneur ( I know he was awarded a Chevalier (knight's class) in 1895 and a Commandeur (commander) in the listing in 1920) but cannot narrow down if he was awarded an Officier (Officer) or Grand Officier (Grand Officer)class.

    Apart from that, I've been reading G.G. Garbit's book and some other ones that list his improvement of Madagascar's economy. (I will try and post more information later :)

    Any help is greatly appreciated as I am not yet very knowledgable in French Orders and would like to know more :)

    Hope everyone enjoys the group and I appreciated everyones comments

    G.G. Garbit's Orders from left to right are: Légion dHonneur, Order of Agricultural Merit (Hallmarked), Medal for Lifesaving (engraved, unofficial engraving?), Belgium Order of Leopold I (Hallmarked 950), Order of St. Sava (hallmarked)



    Medal for Lifesaving is engraved H. Garbit:


    Closer zoom:


    Some close ups:




    Order of Leopold I hallmark:


    Best shot of the Agricultural Merit hallmark:


    Best shot I can take of the St. Sava hallmark:


    Last but not least a photo of G.G. Garbit found from the web

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