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    Hannoverian Regt Anniversary Medal

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    The surround to the medal shows,' 1813 + 2. HANNOV. INFTR.REGMT. 77 + 1913. Underneath the monument is shown '26.MARZ'


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    Thanks for showing this commemorative regimental anniversary medal. the following is for readers wanting to know more about this Hanoverian regiment the history of which dates back to 1813. This followed the reestablishment of the Electorate of Hanover in conjunction with Britain. just prior to Napoleon I first abdication.in 1814. This regiment as a Hanoverian infantry regiment fought at the Battle of Waterloo and was granted to wear the "Waterloo" battle distinction. Kaiser Wilhelm II granted this distinction years after it had become the (2nd Hanoverian) Inf.Rgt.77 following the abolition of the Kingdom of Hanover with the war of 1866.

    The reverse of the medal shows the Waterloo monument/column in Hanover.

    Bernhard H. Holst.

    Edited by Bernhard H.Holst
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    If you go to the bottom of the main menu in the members section, look at places to visit museums and look on p2 for the Celle garnison museum, it is full of 77er stuff but you may enjoy the second to last picture of the flag, I must say it is my favourite item in there that or the unit silver....

    Jock :)

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