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  1. It is from Weitze? It could have been constructed from parts? If you have the oppertunity for in the hand inspection then check the stitching as these people are unscrupulous? Sorry but that is the truth of the matter. I can't wait until they are banned from selling, can't come soon enough? Best Rich
  2. I see 'drspeck' is someone that supports you in this direction, I am just looking through that profile now and can only see help requests. Guys, you that know what you are about stop helping these profiteers? It is that simple! At the end of the day you are seeing yourselves off as they don't care about the history only the profit and it is to you they punt the items further? Stop helping them, let them sink and it will be to your gain as life is too short as it is! Rich
  3. Eric, I would be very interested in what 'many items' you think I have sold? I have 'swapped' with 2 members on here, Don Doring and Chris Boonzaier? Other than that I pretty well still have everything I posted on here. You are not remiss at best you are wrong at worst you are lying? I have been well informed by knowledgeable members and for that I am grateful and I enjoy the extra dimension that adds to the history. That though is what it is all about? What do you do when some one is taking the piss, what is a gentlemanly response in your opinion and how does one effect that? Rich
  4. This was why I left as we as a community would rather protect someone of potential ill repute given the facts and at the same time we lost a potentially useful member? Where is/was the logic in that? Neither have been here since! Rich
  5. No one owes him an apology, that is this instance alone not the 15 pages of research or help requests? The sad thing is that sales posts are lost so you can't actually see how much this person flips in general but as I have time on my hands being paid to not work I will collect it all together for you if you want. I bet the IRS has some time and archives too! They just need a shove in the right direction! He has the same MO as All1kew on other fora, particularly the burgundy one, on which he has a different tag. I believe he even stated in an earlier post (3 years ago ish) here that that is what he does as he buys at auction with a view to profiting? I think the general complaint is, go find out yourself. The people that know what he wants to know should not help him or at least charge him? Please Eric, from the 15 pages on his profile , identify at least 5 instances where he has helped this community? Then I will apologize! Best Rich
  6. He is a flip artist and definitely a dealer! I am sure the IRS would enjoy looking at his sales across the fora and they would conclude the same. He is exploiting your knowledge, you need only look at his profile and more or less 15 pages of information requests or research help. Combine that with his sales activity and basically you are all employees? His activity has nothing to do with the collecting community, purely self gain? Part of the reason I don't post here any more is likes of him. Best Rich
  7. Guys, BRS, This is more up your street, I like that he worked in all probability with the drawings for Titanic in 1907! The paper is in various sizes so it is a bit clipped in places. I need an A3 scanner to capture his CVs as they are longer than the references. Looks like he was busy in Wilhelmshaven in the first war! These are out of the recycle skip, crazy or what! Rich
  8. Guys, I know you all like this sort of thing. I haven't even scratched the surface yet. http://www.historicalwarmilitariaforum.com/topic/11656-distiguished-gentelman-well-decorated/ http://www.historicalwarmilitariaforum.com/topic/11654-military-intelligence-lot/ Ende!
  9. Well I hope sailorjerry does not profit from it. Lets put our head in the sand. On that happy note there is no point in being here anymore, same as the rest.
  10. Guys, These were with the family photos in our new house. Clearly both the same picture so if some one would like the double let me know.
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