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    1. True, each to their own and at the end of the day, we can't change it? I am slowly getting more time now and I am trying to get out and about more again. Sadly a lot of the old boys here have died and I need to discover either new sources or get on the ground more. I made it to 55 so my pension doubled nearly, Shop is going well now after Covid although it did slow to a near stop. It is a good job we bought the place, so no extra overheads. Lots of small businesses are dying here in Germany at the moment. We are in recession and with a more than useless Government. I do worry for the future and our grandkids in general, be that here or UK/EU. Hope you and your are well and do well in the coming year. Best Rich
    2. Guys, took all the moth tracks off with packing tape at work these look a bit better. It is what it is... Like that I found a coin and a bit of paper in one of the jacket pockets...
    3. Hi, it is similar to the Pakistan copy style. What it came with bares no relevance, its been 70+ years? I can post similar stuff if you want? Its the backing that is too similar to what I have. Best Rich
    4. Hucks, more house clearance stuff, the medals were there but way too expensive. When I came back to him someone had bought the medals and left the pictures? Bit odd? Rich
    5. Thanks Glen, It was the ears that stuck out for me. I suppose he is local to my area here in Bergen 29303? Or is the picture perhaps from wider family? Hope you are keeping well. Best Rich
    6. Yep, the collars are dark green, probably because I photographed it at night they look black? Was all in a travel chest, unfortunately the moths have been busy. Yes the artillery trousers don't fit in but without his ID or service history I can't comment further? The denim work jacket faired better because there is no wool in it. Cap has a maker stamped in the leather sweat band but it will be hard to picture. i will give it a go Naturally it is not unusual to have the uniform items without insignia, removed in in the prisoner cage or later at home due to fear of being implicated as a Nazi? The disc though is cool and my favourite part of the cache! Best Rich
    7. Guys, as stated above. Rich
    8. Here is the rest, the one with the collar is probably salvageable. the rest perhaps useful for learning the construction detail?
    9. Guys, as stated above. There is more but I want to eliminat the moth before it is brought into the fold. Shame the little buggers have been busy! At least the denim jacket is ok, the collor is a bit shot at the back of the neck, repairable but I will leave it. He was an officer at Stallag 9A according to his tag, that would be confirmed by his waffenfarbe on the cap as administration. Sadly no paperwork at least yet.
    10. Better late than never! Shame about the missing awards, he looks a bit used by the time of his picture with the Kurland cuff.
    11. Thanks for the comparison, I don't know not really my area, I think your bloke has more sticky out ears. I am just miffed as I don't know what else was destroyed.. Cheers Rich
    12. Thanks guys, there are a few more bits with it, I think the list is long as he was an authorised 'war dodger' according to another bit of paper, in that as his father died in WW1 he has chosen to exercise his right as an only child to be posted to low risk jobs? I will scan it in tomorrow, but I believe that is the general gist of the paperwork. I am guessing he survived the war as I have his pass..... Hucks, yes the art work stuff tickled me too, surprised they had time to be still doing things like that so late in the war... I will scan the rest in when I get time. I am busy chopping wood for winter as the gas prices are through the roof over here in Germany. Best Rich
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