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    Evening all,

    I have tried to do a bit of research on the history of this cup but don't seem to be getting too far. If there is anyone that can shed some light on this it would be nothing less than interesting


    Kellner's Cup

    Simla Races


    Presented By

    (C or G) F. Kellner & Co.

    Won by

    Col Tuckers Cock Robin

    Obviously some form of horse/bird/dog race or whatever they did for fun in those days.

    Thanks plenty

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    Sounds like a horse race of some kind. Simla was the retreat in summer for the Viceroy and his family and Staff. This also

    included the different arms of Govt. - so Simla was a considerable town in the foothills - where it was cooler.

    The cup will probably be made of sterling silver (925 parts to 1000) - find the marks and we can then check to see if it was

    made in 1893. Well engraved - but still a commercial prize and in those days 'Trade' was looked down-on. Mervyn

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    The cup has been tested and found to be silver but the ironic thin is there are no markings whatsoever on the cup so as for specific dating etc I can't do the tracing. The cup does fall in line with all the Tuckers so it was definitely from that time. The Colonel would be Louis Henry Emile Tucker who was with the Bengal Infantry at the time.

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