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    Recipients of the Order of the White Elephant


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    Does anyone know if there are lists of recipients of the Order of the White Elephant?

    I am doing some ancestry research on my family history and there was a story told when I was a young boy that someone in the family had been a Valet to the King of Siam and was awarded this honour for his services. It was also stated that his funeral was a very important occasion in London. Now that I am much older (71yrs) I wish I had paid attention as sadly there is no one around now to ask the questions I really should have asked earlier. The family name is likely to have been Shields or Paton and they would have been born in Ayrshire, Scotland. I don't know any dates or have any other information relating to this but will happily search through any lists that might exist.

    Any suggestions will be most welcomed


    Charles Kelly

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    Hi Charles,


    It seems that they are gazetted for some periods.  However, it might be a lot of effort to search thru old gazettes since BOT.  If you PM me a potential dates when he could have been with the royal court, full name, and any other potentially useful information, I can potentially find something.



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    Hi Dave


    Many thanks for responding to my request for information. As I mentioned in my post I don't have a full name, only that he was one of my ancestors so the surname is likely to have been Paton, Shields or possibly Drummond and the dates could be from the 1800s to 1930s and he would have been born in Scotland, most likley in Ayrshire.  Sorry to be so vague, that was why I was looking for a list that I might have worked through. There was one other piece of the puzzle, it was also said that he had a rather grand funderal in London. I was just a kid when this was talked about and regrettably didn't take any particular interest at the time.


    Any help of pointers will be much appreciated.


    Kind regards


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