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    Golden Pin Kappa Alpha


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    Hello gents,

    i've got this golden pin of Kappa Alpha.

    It is made of gold with pearls and ruby stones.

    How old could this pin be?

    The monogram will be addet seperately, but it is the same material and pearls.

    regards Andreas

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    A sweetheart pin for the Kappa Alpha Order, a faith-based college fraternity and social organization.  Although, it has no military relationship, it has a strong Virginia base being founded at the end of the Civil War and cites Confederate Army General Robert E. Lee as it's "spiritual founder."


    It could be dated anywhere from the early 20th Century due to the jeweler's pin.

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    I sincerely doubt this is Civil War era.  It just doesn't have that mid-19th Century or Victorian era jewelry look to it, at least in my opinion.  Sweetheart type pins are most common from the early 20th Century, especially WW2 and later.  And that pin brooch catch looks more like 1960s or later to me.  You can go online right now and buy similar looking KA fraternity related sweetheart pins.


    It has the 10k gold stamp on the back...  Maybe some jewelry experts could tell it's date more accurately from that...  If those are truly rubies (but to me they don't look anything like genuine precious gem stones to me...especially rubies...they look more pink and like semi-precious birthstones - Amethyst comes to mind - in this photo, but that could be just camera-related).  Difficult to tell about the pearls; they could be cultured.  But if truly genuine rubies and pearls from the Civil War era, I'd expect this to be a fairly expensive piece.


    But I still suspect it's from the 60s and not relatively valuable.

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