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    Here I have a nice photo of an Unteroffizier of the Staff, I. or II.Btl./ Inf.Rgt.78 in Osnabrück.

    Note the Litewka for soldiers and NCO´s, with the Unteroffizier´s chevron, worn only upon Litewkas

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    Hi Chip!

    We have different "Litewka´s key features"


    1893: Litewka with red red collar-patch, covered buttons. In that time the rank-chevrons came out:
    Gefreiter: One white chevron (with a coloured line for the state), made from "Borte"

    Unteroffizier: One chevron from Tresse

    Sergeant: One Unteroffizier chevron and a Gefreiten-Chevron above

    Fähnrich and Vizefeldwebel: Two chevrons

    Feldwebel: Three Chevrons

    1900: Litewka with four visible pockets

    1903: Litewka with two visible pockets

    The "Pietsch" says, that at 7.6.1894 the rank insignias were the same as at the Waffenrock. Only the Feldwebel held his three chevrons.

    That doesn´t fit to my pichture, because he has two cocades.

    I assume he wears his old Litewka around 1897/98

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