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    Uniforms of the Royal NSW Regiment in the 19th Century

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    Major George Stack's RNSWR was born on the 12th March 1846 in Maitland. He began work as a civil engineer in the NSW Government Architect's Office. As a young man , in 1860, he joined the Balmain Volunteer Rifle Company . He was commissioned as Second Lieutenant in the Second Regiment, New South Wales Volunteer Infantry on 17th May 1871 and Lieutenant on the 17th August 1876. He retired January, 1894 and was made Honorary Major, receiving the Volunteer Officer's Decoration.
    This uniform was manufactured by David Jones the oldest department store in the world which has traded under the same name since commencement of business.The garment is sewn completely by hand.
    The Regimental uniform was at first rifle green with black stripes along the outer seams one and a half inches in width. White trousers were worn in summer.In 1869, during the Maori War in New Zealand, enthusiasm in the Regiment was revived as a result of public meetings and under the new title of "The Sydney Battalion" a considerable number of recruits were enlisted.
    At this time a change in the uniform was made, the newly adopted dress being grey with black facings, and an infantry shako and brown belt. Another change was made to the uniform the following year, when scarlet tunics, dark blue trousers with scarlet piping were adopted. The shako was retained but some years later was replaced with a white helmet. 

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