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    ?Broken Column Brooch?


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    There are several versions of this 'Brooch', here are a couple. They are about the size of an old penny, though I must admit I have only seen one actually worn and had to ask its significance.

    [attachmentid=30472] [attachmentid=30473]

    Copy of the card which accompanies the presentation of the brooch:-

    The Brooch which accompanies this card is known as the ?Broken Column Brooch?. It was first used in the American Civil War for the ladies of Masons who were at war, As so many men did not return and the ladies continued to ware the Brooch, it became accepted as a Widows Brooch throughout North America and Canada its use was first introduced into England by a member of the Earl of Chester Lodge, No 1565.

    It has been adopted as identifying emblem to be worn in public, especially when travelling, to allow masons to recognise the wearer as a Masonic Widow and to extend those courtesies, which are due along with the assistance to which she is entitled.

    This Brooch was created to symbolise our continued concern for, and honour the widow of, a Brother Mason, whose name added lustre to the Craft, Now, with his name entered on the Role of Celestial Lodge, we cannot forget those things he loved so deeply, Nor can we be unmindful of our duty to him.

    It is a distinct privilege to present this emblem to you and we hope that you will wear it with great pride, we welcome you to a continued association with us where you will find friends in time of need?.

    You are not alone, We are here, We wish to help.

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