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    Ashanti Campaign Medal 1873/74

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    Hello readers.

    A recent auction had this medal described as the campaign medal for East- and West Africa. As Peter Duckers in his book British Military Medals, 2009 writes that this medal does not come without a clasp and the offered one shows no clasp I was wondering. But with the reverse described by Peter Duckers as one of the most beautiful ones devised I took the chance , bid and obtained it.

    Having received it I found the rim inscription to read " H. Thompson Py O??2cl HMS Himalaya". A search revealed the "Himalaya" to have gained battle honours in Ashantee 1873-74. So it seems to be the campaign medal for the Ashanti ( Ashantee ) campaign of 1873/74 and not for any East or West Africa campaign.

    Bernhard H. Holst



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    As you say, Bernhard, HMS Himalaya was among a number of R. N. ships awarded the Ashantee Medal.  278 medals were awarded to Himalaya personnel.  In addition to naval actions in the river, naval personnel fought ashore with infantry formations.  The same medal was also issued as the East and West Africa Medal (1887-1900) with 21 different bars, most of which seem to be West Africa.  

    The ribbon of the Africa General Service Medal (1902) is very similar (the center stripes are blue rather than black), but the medal is completely different.  45 bars were awarded with the AGSM, up through the Mau Mau insurrection in the mid '50's.    See a well-worn example below.


    Edited by Hugh
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    Hello Hugh and Paul.

    Thank you for the additional information which nicely rounds off the little information I had available.

    The medal has apparently been polished and some patina remained in/on the rim inscription making reading somewhat difficult.

    The reverse would indeed be a no-no today. I was brought up believing the combat against locals in then German South-West and East African colonies were necessary and cleanly fought until...

    Bernhard H. Holst

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