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    I have been offered this PLM.  It is 2/3 rds the size of a normal sized one (prinzen) and moderately thin. Sadly I only had my cell phone (apple 3) to take photos and some are not precisely focused. The photos with the stripped background were taken in direct sunlight. The others were taken in indirect light. The piece is not gilt but golden metal (I.E. not plated). The enameling is wonderful with nearly perfect boarders. The wire suspension ring ends are finished and the ring shows signs of wear. There are no marks on the cross I could find nor its owner found. It could use a cleaning but certainly does have age. I made no attempt to correct color.

    What is your opinions of this piece?  When so you think it was this made?  I would appreciate any thoughts you all collectively have.


    waf plm a1.jpg

    waf plm a2.jpg

    waf plm a3.jpg

    waf plm a4.jpg

    more photos

    waf plm a5.jpg

    waf plm a6.jpg

    waf plm a7.jpg

    waf plm a8.jpg

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