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    Bavarians wearing their medals

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    I bought myself some very nice photos the other day (I think they?re nice anyway) and thought I?d show some here.

    Those that have writing on the back are addressed to Familie Weibrecht in F?rth and one is addressed to Uffz. Weibrecht. All unit stamps/addresses show Bavarian units but it looks like a couple are wearing Mecklenburg awards.

    They were probably taken from a photo album, the others (if there were others) now separated for ever. These ones show some awards and some scruffy uniforms.

    The first one is I think Uffz. Weibrecht, very dark but wearing a bright EKI

    The 2nd was sent to Uffz. Weibrecht on 24.12.15 from N?rnberg. Which awards are being worn by the bearded one?


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    Just been awarded the EKII and I think the FF 2nd class, all being worn according to their own regulations by the looks of it.

    A medic with pistol, the soldier on his right looks about 15 years old.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Friedrich Franz of Mecklenburg-Schwerin was the namesake and colonel in chief (though God alone knows "why") of Bavarian Infantry Regiment 21. MK2s were quite liberally sprinkled into that regiment, but an MK1 to an other rank is astonishing-- especially PRE-receipt of an EK1!!!!

    If you would MAGNIFY the Bearded One's medal bar, might be alble to tell--

    that last is definitely a Bavarian XV Years Service Cross, which seems quite unlikely at his rank, and the first looks like the 1900-01 China Medal, with what appears to be a Bavarian Silver Bravery Medal sandwiched impossibly in the middle....

    size does matter. :P

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    Great photographs. I too would like to see a close up of that China/?/LS bar.

    Now that's a nice one too.

    I'm glad you like them, I was as chuffed as someone who had just won the all counties chuffed competiton.

    Here you are, a close up of the bearded ones medals. Still not very clear though.

    Rick, four of the cards are stamped. Two have 21 Bay. Inf. Regt. (5th Coy.) stamps and two from 39 Bay. RIR recruit depot.

    What about the person sitting next to the bearded one in the first photo, what sort of ribbon is that?


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    Guest Rick Research





    China 1900-01

    Southwest Africa 1904-06


    the "impossible"

    XV Years Service Cross! :speechless1::speechless1::speechless1:

    You KNOW what THAT means? He was IN both places-- hence no 1905 "Kapitulent" Jubilee Medal as a career NCO. The difference in "finish" of the medals I think is the angle of light reflecting. He was back home for discharge with MASSIVE amounts of double overseas service time in order to get the BAVARIAN XV and not the "Prussian" one of the Schutztruppen. He was also discharged from the army BEFORE 1911/12 or he'd have gotten THAT version of the Luitpold Jubilee Medal.

    Can't see his rank at all, but from the cap and straps, I'd be amazed if he was higher than an Unteroffizier!

    I would NOT have believed this as a medal bar without SEEING this must have been unique trio!


    The other NCO is wearing the pre-1913 brooch style long service pin, probably an LD2 sice it seems to be reflecting black back from the frame.

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    I have his medals too Rick. Ok I'm telling fibbs.

    Here's a scan of the senders name, Uffz. Dinkelacker I think and a scan of them all.

    It's a shame but someone had stapled the card to something.

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