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    I recieved this very early card, stamped 30.5.1915, written 29.5.1915.

    It´s from the Auto-Zug, Gebirgs-Telegraphen-Abteilung 29. That was one the first units, came with the III./Inf.Leib.Rgt. to South-Tyrol.

    Note, in that time there was no greman fieldpost-station, so they had to use the austrian "Hautpfeldpostamt"

    The text is:

    "Bozen, 29.5.1915

    Lieber Onkel,

    bin auf dem Tiroler Kriegsschauplatz wohlbehalten angekommen. Nun kann es losgehen gegen unseren gemeinen neuen Feind. Hoffe dich mit Angehörigen im besten Befinden und grüße Euch herzlich Euer Neffe Karl.
    Adr. Auto Zug Gebirgsfernsprech-Abteilung 29 (Südtirol)"

    (Dear uncle!

    I arrived well at the south-tyrol theatre of war. Now it can start against our common new enemy. Hope you and your relatives are well. Greetimng, your nephew Karl)



    The unit is "Gebirgs-Fernsprech-Abteilung", sorry...

    I wanted to change it, but I can´t do it...

    After changing, this appears:

    Sorry, there is a problem

    Something went wrong. Please try again.

    Error code: EX2

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