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    Nicaraguan Service Medals

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    I have a set of 3 U.S. Nicaraguan service medals one of which is somewhat confusing.

    Left is a 1912 unnumbered medal for the first Nicaraguan campaign. Middle & right are medals for the second campaign 1926 to 1930.

    Middle one is on a loop suspender but with the older type reverse which is strange as this was changed on all Navy and Marine Corp medals in 1916 to the one on the modern day issue on the right. 

    Middle reverse looks different as the eagles wings are bigger and the wording "For Service" is straight and not curved like the first issue left? Anynone any ideas about this centre medal?

    Quality of issue is very good, a well made medal.

    PA020079 - Copy (2).JPG


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    All three are restrikes.

    The 1st Nicaraguan was produced by BB&B and all were numbered and on split brooch to the best of my knowledge.  Many medals were produced using these sewn slot brooch well into the 1960's.  The ribbon on your example looks pretty new and may have been added with a solid brooch to make it look more period.

    The 2nd Nicaraguan (center) was probably made for the collector's market and has the wrong reverse.  The Haitian Campaign Medal was the last service/campaign medal that utilized the reverse with this style eagle and the reverse design change started with the Dominican Campaign Medal and lasted up till WW2.

    The Graco produced example on the right shows the correct reverse but Graco produced medals under contract in the 1990's after Lordship lost their government contracts.

    Here's an original 2nd Nicaraguan from the U.S. Mint contract of 1930 and you can compare quality to those shown above.


    Second Nicaraguan Campaign Medal - US Mint M.No. 9299 w-case.JPG

    Second Nicaraguan Campaign Medal - US Mint M.No. 9299.JPG

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    Thanks Tim, appreciate your input. Strange how the older reverse was put on the second campaign though? Anyways no great shakes with these 3. Left & right were freebies and I bought cheaply I may add the centre one because of it being different from the other.

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