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    Unknown masonic? star


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    • 1 month later...

    Thank you Hermann. I made a pretty good deal. The lot contained around 10 Freemason decorations and I paid less than 180 euro ;)

    About the badge. A quick Google search showed this image: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gro%C3%9Fe_National-Mutterloge_%E2%80%9EZu_den_drei_Weltkugeln%E2%80%9C#/media/File:F-Hochgr-gruen.jpg

    It is not a clear picture, but I think it is 99% sure that it is the same badge. Apparently it is the badge for the "Schottenmeister der GNML (3WK)".

    The price of 180 euro is not really that trustworthy. It was also for sale for 98 euro: http://www.ma-shops.com/mueller/item.php5?id=15292&lang=en

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    23 minutes ago, HenkWillem said:


    you also find this image on the Wikipedia website of the GNML, that I have already posted. 

    16 minutes ago, Tosun Saral said:

    Only masons can understand if an object is masonic or not


    if that's so, I'm out of the game.

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    Now I am 100% sure that it is Masonic. I contacted the Altschottischer Obermeister (Oldscottish Headmaster) of the Grand National Motherlodge of Germany and he replied:

    ---start quote---

    the information you got is right. The Rectified Scottish Rite which you find in Switzerland and Belgium are reated to The Allgemeine Altschottische Loge. During the centuries only parts of the RSR had survived in Germany. The Pictures show the Members Jewel of AASL. It is the 4th Degree of Große National Mutterloge „Zu den 3 Weltkugeln“. Grand National Motherlodge of the three globes.

    ---end quote---

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