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    History is written by the victors

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    Single British war medal to William Alfred Ackland, entitled to the Victory medal , During WW1 served as Honorary Lieut. RNVR, 1918. Contributed to The Times History of the War and a Times Newspaper Journalist

    Long serving Journalist, honorary temporary commission RNVR 29.7.18 "Whilst on visit to allied ports, as a journalist to the Times".

    Western Daily Mercury (Plymouth), Junior. rep. & sub-editor. 
    Manchester Courier, sub-editor. 1896-1900: Editor. at 1910
    Daily Dispatch (Manchester), chief sub-editor. & acting Editor. 1900-05: Director. & Editor. 1913
    Birmingham Daily Mail, London. office 1905-06
    The Tribune, night editor. 1906-07
    Daily Graphic, manager editor. 1907-12
    Daily Mirror, mgr. Manchester issue 1913-
    The Times Weekly editing managing editor. 13 July 1914-?: manager editor. 1 July 1919-22
    The Times [and subsidiary publications], artistic editor newspaper editor. 1 Feb. 1918-?: correspondent with the Allied Fleets, 1918: night manager. 1 May-30 Oct. 1922

    Born 1875 in Plymouth, Devon, son of Edward Andrew Ackland. Educ. Plymouth. Married Mabel Frederica, daughter of John F. Leithbridge, of Plymouth. They had two daughters. Joined the Institute of Journalists as a pupil in 1894 and became a full member in 1896. Elected a Fellow of the Institute of Journalists in 1909.

    During WW1 served as Honorary Lieut. RNVR, 1918. Contributed to The Times History of the War. Director of National Safety First Association 1924-29. Persian Art Exhibition, Royal Academy, 1931; French Art Exhibition, Royal Academy, 1932; the Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington House, W1, 1933.

    Traveled throughout Europe, the East, USA, Canada, and British Columbia. Author of the TTO of Leon Gaster (1872-1928 q.v.).

    Died December 1940. 

    Again you would think that there would be loads of photos of him......but nothing!!


    acland 001.JPG




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