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    German ceremony photo with known label. Translation help?

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     I have a handful of  German photos brought back by a US soldier but most don't have any labels on the back however this one is a little different. 

     It's an interesting photo of a ceremony of some sorts and has pencil writing on the back.  My problem now though is I can't read the handwriting at all.  Is anyone able to understand what is written? 

    Thanks a lot,




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    Hello Mike.

    I am unsure about your question whether you just cannot read the Suetterlin or also cannot translate. So here goes both, first reading the inscription:

    Heldengedenktag 41


    nach der der Kranzniederlegung.

    Ich hat einen Kameraden.


    Heroes Remembrance Day ( war deads' remembrance day ) 1941

    Crailsheim ( locale in Germany )

    after the wreath deposition

    Ich hat einen Kameraden or I once had a comrade, a song paying tribute to the war deaths performed to this day following remembrance ceremonies or burial of military personnel.

    Bernhard H. Holst

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