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    St.Stanislas 2degree + Imperial crown


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    Dear gents

    I need your opinion about this item before I can sell it on auction

    This is 2nd degree

    Julius Keibel maker








    Exellent condition - without scratches and repairs

    Dear gents I am plan sell this order on next Holmasto.fi auction in may

    What you think about starting price and estimate?


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    I can see no obvious problem with the piece based on the photographs, however given the quality of some of the copies on the market one cannot be obviously certain without close physical examination with a powerful glass.

    The Imperial Russian market is in turmoil while 6-8 years ago when the market was at its crazy heights it would have made £50,000 without much difficulty. Now you would do VERY well to get a third of that figure, however I would suggest Holmasto ought to know as they have a history of selling quite good Russian material, based on your enquiry it seems you are suggesting that the auction house has no idea of the market. As a fellow member of the auction business I have found them quite professional in any dealing I have had with them and if you don't trust them, as your post seems to suggest, or you would have been happy to take their advice, why are you entrusting them with the auction?



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    Thank you for Your opinion Sir
    Actually this resource presents many collectors for whom this course may be of interest.....
    I took the opportunity to do a little advertising to this beautiful subject and would be very happy if he gets into a collection of our colleague
    Regarding pricing - it is better to listen to three or four experts than one))
    So.... I made a slow start sales of the order.....
    and it is adequate of Your estimation - only 16000 Euro.....not high......think you agree
    I think the true connoisseurs of rarities in perfect condition will fight for this order at auction .....

    As to me I have 3 experts from Russia and Europe who  confirmed the authenticity and the originality of order....


    Thank you so much for your opinion......

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