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    Sangram Medal and 25th Independence Anniversary Medal

    David Vivian

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    Hello all,

    I am very new to this whole area of post 1947 Indian medals so I hope that my question is not totally naive or silly.

    It strike me that a soldier in, say, an Infantry unit would almost automatically qualify for the Sangram Medal if he was awarded the 25th Independence Anniversary Medal.

    My reasoning being that the qualify dates coincide so closely for both awards. Am I right in making this assumption?

    I'm asking this because I am considering a medal group that has the 25th Anniversary Medal  but not the Sangram Medal. Is this likely to be a broken group?

    Looking for help,


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    Hello David


    Welcome to GMIC.  :)


    In response to your question:


    The Sangram Medal was awarded for service during the 1971 conflict between India and Pakistan. The medal was given to all categories of personnel who served in the military, paramilitary forces, police, and civilians in service in the operational areas of Kashmir, Punjab, Gujarat, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram or Tripura between 3 Dec 1971 and 20 Dec 1972 - both dates inclusive - Those who had qualified for the Poorvi Star, and the Paschimi Star automatically qualified for the Sangram medal.


    The Swatantrata Jayanti Medal - 25th Independence Anniversary Medal was issued to all those who qualified on the 15 Aug 1972.


    So if you did not serve in one of the previously mentioned areas you would not receive the Sangram medal but would still receive the  Swatantrata Jayanti Medal.


    Hope this helps some







    My source: Medals and Decorations of Independent India by Ed S. Haynes and Rama T. S. Chhina

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