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    Marine-Brigade Erhardt

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    I have struggled to decided where to place this request for so if I have placed it in the wrong section please feel free to move it to where you consider it is best located.

    I'm searching for the birthplace and (if possible) also the place and date of death for Offizierstellvertreter HERMANN REINHARDT, born on 22.9.1887, who during the Great War as an Offiziersstellveretreter commanded the Sturm-Abteilung in the 1st Marine Infantry Regiment in the Marinekorps Flandern on the Western front. After the war he fought against the Communists with the Marine-Brigade Erhardt, where he commanded (as Leutnant) the so-called Offizierssturmkompagnie. He retired from the military in 1920 with a honorary rank of Oberleutnant and continued his career in the law enforcement in the Hamburg area. He is listed as "Stabsofficier bei der Polizei" at the beginning of World War II. Any further details about him and his career are also very welcome. His name is mentioned a couple of times in General Ramcke's memoirs, because they served in the same regiment and they were also the only NCOs who were decorated with that highly prestigious Bavarian decoration whose name has slipped my mind right now.



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