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    French 1882 Infantry Sword

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    I could not help myself. Having watched a Matt Easton special on the French, 1882 Infantry sword, I decided to buy one.  In 1882 the new pattern was the M1882 with a thin straight blade. The regulation pattern should have a Chatellerault blade, but actually many officers 1882 swords were issued by private cutlers and bear only their mark. Mine is marked as  E.BIDAL 3 RUE DE RICHELIEU PARIS on one side and Klingenthal on the other. Apparently they were well-known retailers operating at that address in the 1890s.

    In parallel with the M1882, the old M1845/55 was still used by some officers (with gilt hilts and 1 ring scabbard)) and also, with a polished brass hilt, became the regulation sword of the Adjudants (equivalent, I think, to UK warrant officers).

    In 1914, the "professional" infantry officers had all the M1882, but many officers from the "reserve" (ex-civilian) who did not privately purchase a M1882, received an old M1845/55 from the government stock.

    The 1882 French model infantry officers sword (épée d'Officier d'infanterie Mle 1882), possessed a stiff, thrust-centric sword with no real edge to speak of. The profile taper is pronounced and fairly even, with the blade forming a very neat point, however, it  has an oval cross section with two offset fullers which are deep and narrow, adding to the stiffness of the blade.

    This is remarkable as I have not seen it on any other blade but Matt commented that it added strength whilst lessening weight.

    MEASURE BLADE: 82.5 cm / 33"

    SABRE THE MEASURE: 102 cm / 40,8"

    NB:  I can't work out the hilt scrolls.


    1882 sword.jpg

    Maker's Mark.jpg

    Owner's Initials.jpg

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