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    WW1 Medals - The Odd One Out

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    I know very little about Campaign medals, however I spend a lot of my time researching the history of railway, dock and canal police. This photo shows a group of medals awarded to a Regents Canal Dock policeman (London). I have a group photo of RCD police and this one may be the officer whose life and death I am investigating. He died under strange circumstances in 1927 whilst on duty at RC Dock, now called Limehouse Basin. This officer was placed in a Barnardo's  home around 1913 and then sent to HMS Ganges, in late 1914 he was serving on HMS Hawke when it was torpedoed in the North Sea, after further service in the RN, record attached, he was invalided out in 1920. I have assumed that the middle and right hand medal is the War and Victory medal but have no suggestion as to the medal on the left. The ribbon looks to be all one colour. Can anyone help me please?


    Leonard Wetherall RN records.pdf

    Medals of PC 9 RC.JPG

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    I can only think that this is a local borough police award if indeed it's 'yer man' - as he'd have had no prior police service to WWI that would suggest a 1902 Police Coronation. In any case, if it was such it would (by then) have been worn after the BWM/Vic (which you've correctly ID'd).

    The regulations as regards to the wearing of these borough and county awards was haphazard at best and was down to local command permission. Unfortunately, I have no idea which medal it could be, but it's positioning ahead of his war medals is suggestive of a bravery award.

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    Thanks Tony for the response, my question was always going to be a long shot. The officer was in the Regents Canal Dock Police and almost certainly have had no access to Jubilee medals etc. It will be either a campaign or bravery award I think.

    Thanks again



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