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Second Serbian Uprising Commemorative Medal

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Last year was the 200th anniversary since the start of the Second Serbian Uprising. The day when it started, 23. April, is today celebrated as the Day of the Serbian Armed Forces. 
Decision about special medal that would commemorate the occasion was made in 2015 but they were awarded this year. 
One of these two was awarded to a family member and they came in plastic bags. Even though quality of the medals is not that great they do look much better in person. 
Anyway I just wanted to share couple of images to show you how they look like, I think this is the first modern commemorative medal of that kind.0.jpg1.JPG02.jpg

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I was going through some photos and stumbled upon this one. Unfortunately details are not visible but based on the colors of the ribbon I think it's the same medal (left one) as the one above except it came with a box and a document. As we can see both of them are generals so perhaps that's why they received "luxury" box.

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Interesting to see my photos ended up in Politikin Zabavnik's attachment about decorations #5, someone just removed hallmarks.
More information HERE.

"U „Politikinom Zabavniku” koji je danas na kioscima i u naredna četiri broja nalazi se dodatak „Šest vekova odlikovanja među Srbima”, koji je pripremio Dragomir Acović, naš vodeći heraldičar. Kroz priču o odlikovanjima na svojevrstan način ispisana je, slikom i rečju, naša burna i slavna istorija.

Od prvog i jedino izričitog pomena o postojanju nekog ordena u srednjovekovnoj Srbiji – a to se zbilo u vreme krunisanja cara Stefana Dušana (1346) – do priznanja koja se sada dodeljuju. O ovom nesvakidašnjem petodelnom serijalu-poklonu čitaocima „Politikinog Zabavnika” Dragomir Acović kaže da je to potpuni pregled oblasti koja je odraz javnog političkog, kulturnog i istorijskog života Srba, koga ponekad nismo svesni.

– Država ili neki drugi opšti atribut odabrao je, izdvojio i odlučio da javno obeleži svojim priznanjem za jedno ili više dela kojim je zadužio narod, državu i vreme u kome postoji i deluje. Nismo iizbegavali ni uzlete ni neminovne padove. Javna priznanja su živa materija i današnji junaci lako u sutrašnjim zbivanjima prestaju da budu junaci. Ali i to je istorija. Treba je znati i učiti iz nje, i tome je namenjena ova petodelna serija – ističe Acović."


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