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    looking for AlJadara Iraqi medal and AlRafdain order

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    2016-05-24_21.39.56.jpgHi everyone this is my first topic 

    I was looking for AlRafdain military order first and second class and also AlJadara medal please help me how can i get them ,

    kind regards





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    Your best bet for any Order of the Rafidain - Kingdom or Republic, is probably an European auction house - there was a 'rush' of these in the 1990s but they are becoming more difficult to find and the price has accordingly increased. In the UK , with historical links to the Kingdom of Iraq, the Kingdom issue are more common.

    With regard to the Republican Order of Perfection this is a very scarce item in any of its 4 classes - there are also two types (minor design variations). Again European auction houses will be your bets bet but patience will be required.

    At one stage in the 2000's there was a flow of awards out of Iraq but this has dried up almost completely.

    Good luck,


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