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    Exibithion medal 1872


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    i just bought some medals from world fairs awarded to Husqvarna arms factory. Some are inscribed Husqvarna some not. Does this Russian one mention Husqvarna? This one is cut in two so thatone can see both sides at the same time, they were al mounted on a panel. The medal is 6,1 cm wide and is extremly well casted.

    best regards


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    The medal is for the Polytechnical exposition in Moscow 1872

    The obverse reads Moscow Polytechnical Exposition  of 1872

    The reverse reads Grateful Imperial Society of Natural Sciences at Moscow University 15 October 1863.

    unless it is inscribed on the rim there is no mention of Husqvarna. It is however quite a rare medal.




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    Thank you Paul.

    with Pauls help I was able to find a "silver medal" of the same type, this also uninscribed. How would you do with the group of medals, sell as a group or split them up, Since the once without inscription could have been given do any "gold" medal reciver? The other two goldmedals are from 1900 Paris world fair and 1873 London international art industri fair ( this marked Husqvarna arms factory.

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    I suspect even though unnamed they would have been awarded to Husqvarna, probably at the time they came with a (now lost) certificate. In my younger days I used to watch speedway and I remember that the Husqvarna motor bikes were considered the best.



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