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    Orders of precedence


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    I've found the order of precedence for state awards of the RF, for the ministry of Emergency situations, for the FSB...

    But I'll be danged if I can find the one for the defense ministry!  :mad:  They usually list the order of precedence in the quite long ministerial orders detailing uniforms, patches etc. but stop 1/3 of the way down the list with this quite irritating paragraph: "The rest of the medals of the Ministry of Defense are worn in the sequence according to the Heraldic Register of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, maintained by the Military Heraldry Service of the Armed Forces."

    Well crap!!  Try finding that!  :mad: :wacky:

    The Soviets had large posters on walls announcing new awards in WW2!  Modern Russia seems to treat everything with secrecy!  The crumbs and bits I've found found on the web site of the Russian defense ministry have nearly all been by accident! 

    Can anybody help?  Please?  How the "H" do Russian servicemen know how to wear their (censored) awards?!?

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    1 hour ago, Egorka said:

    Hello. What about the Regulation of Awards of Russian Federation: http://award.gov.ru/pol.html The part V covers the order of precedence. 

    Thanks, but it only covers the order of precedence for state awards of the RF.  As I stated in the original post I already have that, I also have it for EMRCOM (МЧС) and the FSB (ФСБ), I need it for the ministry of defense (Минобороны).

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    OK. But lets also explain for others shell they be interested. 

    The rest of the medals are worn in the order as registered in the Geraldic Register. Simply speaking by date of issue

    So it is easier than we thought. :)

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