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    Highlander picture info if possible

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    Hello all,

    Hoping I can throw this out here with the remote possibility someone can assist in identifying any features in the photograph with regards to regimental dress etc, whilst accepting the image is extremely poor.

    Ancestors served as Sutherland rifle volunteers and later Seaforth highlanders 2 in 1/5th Seaforths and one in the rossshire battalion.

    Thanks in advance for any possible help, many thanks



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    The photo, at least to my old eyes, is too blurry to be much help, but perhaps one of our Scots members/experts can tell us which regiment wore a double-tasselled sporran and a side cap rather than a tam.  Judging from the general clues, I'd guess one of the Volunteer units, pre-WWI but am quite prepared to be contradicted on that guess!

    Welcome to the GMIC and good luck with the quest.


    P.S.  Don't know how I've engaged the strike through function nor how to fix it. :(

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    Thanks to you both for the replies,

    I am trying to get a better scan of the original and have attempted to research the various differences in regimental dress, which may well have confused me more.

    I found a picture of one of my Great great uncles disembodiment papers which states he was a Seaforth Highlander but in the "also served in" section lists Royal Highlanders.

    That together with the info on the relatives who served with the Seaforths helps me identify who they are.

    Many thanks for your help.




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