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    Engraving info on the Medals part 2

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    Please see my previous thread .... for whatever reason I am 100% unable to reply to my own thread and update the following info

    Seems really strange how I can start a new thread, yet cannot reply to my own thread as I have in the past here ??

    Engraving / names info for medals 19-38 ( see pic ) and list


    19-28 is top row - left to right

    29-38 is bottom row - left to right


    19. 238056 W.C. JANSE VAN RENSBURG
    20. HA8 OZE 115
    21. non marked
    22. N1 840 A. MADUME
    23. 1344. CORPS SURG: G. LOCKE. No 8 DIST: HASTINGS CORPS S. J.A.B. 1918
    24. 1930032 L.A.C.P.D. STONE. R.A.F.
    25 no marking
    26. ( no ribbon ) – 17520 L. Cpl HG PRICKMAN G. GDS:
    27 ( ribbon ) – L-31569 DVR A.M. CARRUTHERS. R.F.A.
    28. ( scripted engraving too hard to read ) – 3217 ............ ????????
    29. no markings
    30. 1135 SWPRJUMMAN 1 PUN J.A.B.R
    31. no marking
    32. PO 21401 G.H. SIMS CPL R.M.
    33. 6688 Pte A. PRODGER. RIFLE BRIGADE
    34. AS. 17027 PTE. R. MALENG. A.P.C.
    35. NO MARKING
    36. NO MARKING
    37. 1424685 BMBR. F.A.  FREEMAN. R.A.





    Brit big 3.png

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