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    Long Ribbon Bar from a Bavarian Officer

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    Hi, I have this long WWI ribbon bar and would like to confirmate the information I have or change it and make a serious investigation of the original owner.

    This is what I have and would like to confirm it or change it

    Beginning from the left to the right in order:

    1-Iron Cross, 1914/EK2 Prussian 

    2- Military merit CROSS- 4th class

    3- St. George of Bavaria. ( 2nd class )

    4- Luitpold medal of 1905

    5- Wedding anniversary  medal of 1918. 

    6- Hindenburg Cross with Swords.  

    7- Bavarian Long Service medal for 9 years service 

    8- Brunswick War service cross,

    9- Hessian War Service Medal

    Thanks in advance, 




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    4 hours ago, Paul C said:

    A likely candidate for this bar is H d.R Karl Kellner 5 PB. His awards were:

    BMV4XKr, BLM3J, BLD2, EK1, BrK2, HT, VAs and the Luipold

    Maybe someone else can confirm.

    Thanks for your opinion Paul :). Was he a WWII veteran too? Please can you put in order the awards? That veteran I think was awarded with the EK1 too.




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    9 minutes ago, Paul C said:

    I don't think he  was in WWII. I am sure he had the EK1.

    Thanks again Paul, maybe in the period between two World Wars? Then can we confirm the list I did with each award? 

    An appreciated friend suggested that It could be at least a Lt. Colonel at the final of the WWI. A veteran proud of his MVK4 combat award and put this ribbon before the St. George of Bavaria

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