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    Laurence Strong

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    I recieved this trio in the mail today. This was a women's association the army and navy used to help the war effort. Japanese Patriotic Women's Association. 3rd class supplemental. I am not sure of what the different levels are, though I have 3 different one's.

    Case cover

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    To give you an idea about how delicate these are, here they are with the Canadian Vetrans quarter (.25 cents), if I recall there were only 3million of these issued in 2004 and they were handed out by a Coffee shop chain called "Tim Horton's" in Canada

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    Send me a PM about getting a copy of my book "In the Name of a Living God" if you have not already got it. There is a whole chapter of these badges. The Patriotic Womens Association had 13 different national level member's badges and a whole range of branch level badges.

    Once you have all of those you can start on the other female organisations ........... There is no end to it, isn't it wonderful !


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