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    Order of the October Revolution, #83708

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    Order Book (#K150498) dated December 25th, 1980 issued to Mariya Petrovna Gorbil’, Order of the October Revolution, #83708, December 16th, 1980, Milkmaid, Chernigiv Oblast, city of Gorbove, Ukraine SSR.




    Order of the October Revolution, #83708, and link to local site where she and other townsfolk are honored: http://www.kulykivka.org.ua/menu/rayonna_vlada/silrada/06_Gorbove/vidatn_zeml/



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    Hello Bill

    it looks like a very nice set. I have an award with the number close to yours but I have a question about it.

    I realize that this may be better in a separate thread but it relates to the mint stamp on the award.

    Could you post a magnified pic of the stamping so that I can compare it with mine.

    The reason I ask is that I have 2 awards of version 1 and the mint mark has a rounded profile to the stamp but the version 2 award has a mint stamp that has an angular stamp profile. 

    I just want to make sure that it is not a fake as all other aspects of the award are OK it is just the profile of the stamp that I am concerned about.

    As the other awards are earlier versions it may not be correct to check it against them but as your award is a version 2 and the serial number is close to mine it would be perfect to compare with.  

    I have tried to upload a picture but it is bigger than 2MB so I will try again later after I reduce the picture.

    Thank you


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    Hello here is the reverse as you can see the stamping has an angular shape to the characters..

    I do have close ups of the stamping but they will have to be separate posts due to the pic size.



    ro back.jpg

    Hello here is the front of the order.

    As you can see it has been highly polished and I think a coat of clear lacquer has been applied to keep it shiny.

    It looks authentic when inspected with a magnifying glass my only concern is the profile of the stamps used on the mint mark.

    Thank you


    ro front.jpg


    Stamp detail


    Hello more stamp detail.

    Notice how the stamp leaves a narrow point at the base while the earlier stamps leave a more rounded 'point' at the base.

    It may be perfectly correct and I am just being an anorak, but I would like to know if the profile of the stamps changed between the two versions of this award.

    Thank you



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    Here are three examples for comparison all 2nd variation (5 rivets).









    This dilettante hypothesizes differences in observable characteristics of the mint stamping are due to the utilization of different stamps.

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