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    The Gau Baden badge looks original .It would have been gilded.

    The badge could be worn by NSDAP members of the Gau Baden.

    Should the member have been proven to have been a member before the 9 November 1923 he was allowed to wear a badge with "1923" on it .

    Obviously there were not many members before that date and therefore the badge is quite rare.

    Wearers of this badge would also have qualified to wear the Blood Order .

    Could you show a detail photo of the maker. Looks like FR.KLETT  KARLSRUHE which is a known maker .

    Le me know if you want to part with it.

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    We are definitely interested in selling. Had a gentleman from an auction site offer 2000 euros, he couldn't tell me much history on it. However he wants product before payment. Not sure how I feel about that. Any advice?

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    Good photo of the maker .It is FR Klett as I thought which seems to be the predominant maker , if not the only maker .

    The 1923 disc has been added separately as far as I can see ,and was not done in one process.

    Could you send a detail photo of the disc and its method of fixing .

    I have sent you a message separately.

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