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  1. I'm afraid you're right. Once again, a disappearing act and some unanswered questions. Coming soon to (another) forum near you, I am sure.
  2. No, in my opinion it is not genuine, pre 1945 item. Are you the same person who posted this item on War Relics Forum? Someone did but when the questions were posed in regards to this item, the original poster decided to pack it in. http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/non-combat-uniforms-related-insignia-third-reich/nskk-membership-badge-gold-diamonds-rubies-736703/
  3. It is not a membership pin. There was no member of NSKK with a rank that would require a diamond studded membership pin. If anything, something unofficial. Question is the vintage. Judging by the finish (unpolished marks on the verso) and rather chaotic layout of stones, my guess would be circa 2000's (that's date, not its worth). IMO, of course.
  4. It's a fake based on Stahlhelm's Jager sleeve patch & Veteranenschilde.
  5. Stars can't shine without darkness, friend. All the best to you and your daughter.
  6. Pics of the document seem to be gone but here's one pf the pins it represented. Zinc badge on ferrous needle.
  7. Were any of the pictured crosses issued by the army? Reason I ask is we see them in plenty of them in photos, they do seem to look uniform from one example to another, we even know they were made by some of the army suppliers (although of generally different wares, C.E. Juncker among them). Here are two that are said to be official issue crosses. But were they the only ones that were officially issued? Or did they simply differ between 1st and 2nd world wars?
  8. There are 12 Kampfspangen I am aware of: Baltikum 1919/20 Baltikum 1919/23 Spartakus 1919/23 Grenzschutz 1919/20 Grenzschutz Kärnten 1919 O./Schlesien 1921 O./Schlesien 1922 Rhein/Ruhr 1919/23 Rhein/Ruhr 1923/24 NSDAP 1919/1923 NSDAP 1923/24
  9. Here's a pic showing the base that is missing from my medal along with Urkunde for the same (well, same medal, different grade- gold). Anyone seen any meeting badges from the first 4 AO meetings?
  10. What is illegal is: buying, attempting to buy, soliciting for purchase, mailing, shipping, importing, exporting, manufacturing, selling, attempting to sell, advertising for sale, trading, bartering, exchanging for anything of value or producing blank certificates of receipt for it. As for wearing it if you did not earn it- you are allowed to do so. Same with claiming you were awarded it- also perfectly legal.
  11. US citizens are allowed to own both named and unnamed Medals of Honor. Makes no difference if it's inside or outside USA.
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