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  1. The original example of this pin that I have seen, featured slightly uneven lettering to both sides. It was also individually numbered on the verso with a font resembling that of a Golden Party Badge. Also, the blue enamel filled the voids between the star's rays- those areas that have taken on a white/silver hue (plating?) on the above example. Unmarked, with a "Ges. Gesch." on the verso. Even though the pin in question was a ground-dug example and not in the best of shapes, it did feature what appeared to be a translucent blue enamel surrounded by a opaque white one, like the one above. To date, it was the only one that I believe was an original example of this badge. Unfortunately, it was not available for purchase.
  2. Maybe. Funny thing is- Wagner never awarded himself with a Gau Baden badge. Not a common trend amongst the Gauleiter crowd. Perhaps trying to emulate his Leader?
  3. IMO, a tinnie for Sicher wie Jold- International Association of Artists founded in 1904. The skull motif has to do with their motto: "Treu in Freund und treu in Leid". Hope that helps.
  4. For some reason, in your pic no.4 the lower arm of the swastika shows white instead of black enamel, even though it is undoubtedly the same piece. Weird...
  5. I believe he also received a presentation version of a Walther pistol for a shooting competition.
  6. Admittedly my knowledge on the subject is not where it should be but are we really sure that Hamburg America Line was the maker of aforementioned pins? Seems like a lot of work for a shipping enterprise vs ordering the pins from established pin/medal/award maker.
  7. Hi Raz! Thanks for the kind words- well, that's the beauty of collecting, something to chase after. If I could find the 800 silver version(s?) of the above and some dated specimens, that would really make my day in the Gau Baden department but I suspect that might take a while. Oh, well..
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