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  1. I believe he also received a presentation version of a Walther pistol for a shooting competition.
  2. Admittedly my knowledge on the subject is not where it should be but are we really sure that Hamburg America Line was the maker of aforementioned pins? Seems like a lot of work for a shipping enterprise vs ordering the pins from established pin/medal/award maker.
  3. Hi Raz! Thanks for the kind words- well, that's the beauty of collecting, something to chase after. If I could find the 800 silver version(s?) of the above and some dated specimens, that would really make my day in the Gau Baden department but I suspect that might take a while. Oh, well..
  4. Afraid the info and the link provided above is another Ailsby fairy tale with no bearing in reality. Few corrections: F. Klett was not one of the makers, he was the only maker of those badges. The gold version was not for members who joined from 1923-1925 but rather for those who joined before Nov. 09, 1923 The silver version was not for those who joined from 1926 to 27.10.1929 but for those who joined before 27.10.1927 and remained a member until the introduction of this award in 1933. Although initially planned, there were no gold badges awarded to women (late
  5. Did you try online archive sources? Like Bundesarchiv, NAC, etc. I'd start with Wessel's funeral or its anniversaries as a search description. Some of those pics are good enough quality to make out small details like a pin or a badge. Good luck!
  6. How do you mean? Like anther one on the internet explaining what it is or markings on the actual badge?
  7. I must say I rather like the piece. Never seen one before but its construction reminds me of period swastika pins.
  8. Here's a pic of a 464. Not very good but it looks like you might have the right boat for the badge above.
  9. Here's a link to one of the guys that manufacture and sell them (as reproductions of course). Don't know how big of a market there is for those but it seem big enough to make them en masse: https://allegro.pl/oferta/emblemat-stahlhelm-1939-reich-odznaka-rzesza-a10-8115130538
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