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    I purchased a mercantile marine pair and from the national archives purchased the medal card but how do I research what ship he served on and build up a picture if the history behind the medals. Any info is appreciated.


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    Thomas Bryson Kinniburgh was discharged on Sept. 4, 1912 from the Canadian Pacific line's 'S.S. Lake Erie', an emigrant ship which seems to have had a steady run between Liverpool, where he was discharged, and Quebec City.  His home address was given as Glasgow.  A month previously he was discharged, at his own request, from the Workhouse in Old Gravel Lane, London.

    According to the 1901 Census of Scotland, Kinniburgh had a wife, Jessie, three daughters and a son, the eldest nine.  I can't see anything else about his service in Ancestry, but perhaps those clues will help.  Feel free to PM me for more detailed info. from the census and copies of the two discharge papers.  


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    Hi Peter, just seen your response, excellent! Thank you for this.

    The discharge papers may be interesting. When I got the medals there was a hm submarines cap tally but now don't look related.

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