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    A. R. C. in World War II?


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    I'm working on an obituary for a dear friend who has just died.  During World War II, she served with the American Red Cross.  Can anyone tell me a little more about this service?  E. g., was she a doughnut dolly?




    PS I love the looks of the one on the left.  Looks like a tough cookie!


    Dodie - WW II - Copy.jpg

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    My understanding is that the ARC ladies - 50,000 by the war's end - did do 'hostess' duties in hospitals in the US and in mobile units in Europe, where the 'donut dolly' moniker arose, I believe.  Here's and interesting retor. look at the unit:


    Sorry for your loss!


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    Hello Hugh.

    You could find some info in this book

    At His Side. The Story Of The American Red Cross Overseas In World War II

    by George Korson

    It's not difficult finding the book but it's also avaible on line


    In the same digital library you can see also a film with the same name distributed by the War Activities Committee in 1944


    Was she assigned to ETO? I have a list of the A.R.C. workers in this theatre assigned to the Clubmobile DIvision (aka "doughnut dollies").

    All the best



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    Thanks for these sites, Fano.  I'm looking forward to seeing them.  She was married to a defense contractor during the war, so neither of them went overseas.  



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